Voyager App is Trash

By BussTechno | BussTechno | 24 Mar 2021

A few weeks ago I posted this article in which I was a wary about using the Voyager exchange because of some poor reviews I had read and watched; I ultimately weighed the pros and cons wrongly justifying my actions.  Well after only a few weeks on the platform I am here to recommend that no one ever use this crap-tastic app for any reason...EVER!!  Do not attempt to justify it to yourself because nothing will come from it and you will lose money - this is the absolute worst exchange I have ever encountered.

Their Fees and Customer Support are Nothing but Revolting

Despite claiming they are a no fee trade site, they charge when you buy, they charge you when you sell, and they absolutely pillage you when you withdraw.  They roll their fees into every transaction you make.  In my experience, I purchased 25.494 units of Polkadot of which they added $.50 to the price of each token.  I attempted to set a limit trade which remained in the ether until I cancelled it and paid their upcharge.  I justified the overprice buy with the fact that I wanted to get the 8% staking yield and would soon earn it back.  I also bought a few more Enjin Coin to add to my collection because...well I'm a huge ENJ fanboy.

Checking around for better yields yesterday I noticed that Kraken is paying 12% for staking DOT, so I went to transfer my holdings from Voyager.  I select the withdraw/transfer option and cannot find the option to transfer my DOT.  This is odd considering I clearly bought Polkadot on this exchange and my "wallet" states it has 25.494 tokens inside of it.  I check my phone to see if I have an update missing for the application because there obviously has to be a wallet for my DOT.  No update.  Okay, I will contact customer service because it is obviously an oversight... 



Pretty short and to the point, "(DOT) is not showing as an option to withdraw.  Please fix this issue."




What the actual Hell?  So, I can buy DOT but can't transfer it?   Why wasn't I told this prior to purchasing?  That also tells me that I'm not actually buying the token and pretty much enrages me.  I reply with threats of filing complaints to the SEC, FINRA, State of New York, and anyone else who probably won't listen, follow-up, or care.  BTW with no surprise, I have not received a response as of this rant.

But Wait There's More!

I decide to get my money off of this rip-off site immediately.  My Enjin can be withdrawn so I push it to my Binance account.


What kind of sick fisting is this? 21.9% fee to transfer to another account.  Not only that but it can take up to 24 hours to process the transfer.  Now I am doubly enraged.

I decide to place a limit sell on my DOT and plan to either transfer the cash out or put it in a "transferable" coin.  Voyager once again does not process the sale; which if you read the previous article you would know also happened when I stupidly chose to put money in this sh!tty exchange.  They only want to sell you fake coins at an inflated price and allow you to sell at below market price so they can prick you sans lubrifiant.


My initial premise that I would be able to recoup the fees via staking was completely wrong and this is going to be one expensive lesson when it is finally complete. 

Learning Lesson:

If you see a lot of negative reviews about a product; take heed and appreciate the warnings.  In this specific case DO NOT USE VOYAGER UNLESS YOU LIKE LOSING MONEY!  


disclosures:  I don't actually own Polkadot; I do own ENJ; Voyager is ASSHOE!

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