Get Free Crypto Leveraging Stock Trading Apps

By BussTechno | BussTechno | 10 Mar 2021

Get Free Crypto Leveraging Stock Trading Apps


First off, I'm not talking stock leverage in the literal sense.  I don't use margin or borrowed money to invest and never will; my personal investment strategy is way too conservative for that.  I am referring to getting free stock for registering on different trading platforms.

My method here is pretty straightforward and easy for anyone to copy.  I have setup multiple accounts across various stock trading platforms that provide users with the ability to buy BTC and crypto.  I deposit the minimum amount in that account that will give me the largest number of free stocks. I will write on a couple of the most well-known platforms out there right now.

WeBull has different promotions running monthly.  Currently they are offering two free stocks when you deposit $100 USD. These stocks are randomly chosen and range in value between $2.50-$1600.  My promotion was a little different and required a $150 deposit.  In return I received free stock worth $27.95 USD.  

This gave me an immediate return of 18.6% and an account value of $177.95.  I sold the free stock and purchased Bitcoin with the entirety of the account when BTC was at the ~$39.5K level. 

  • Initial investment: $150
  • Current account value: $252.45 (68.3% total return) 
  • Free stock value today in BTC: $39.65 (41.9% increase in BTC)
  • Value of free stock had I held it: $27.98 (0.001% return)

Robinhood is another platform I have used to get free stocks and in turn sell them to purchase BTC.  Currently they are offering a free stock valued up to $225 when you link your bank account

I'm not going to break it down as Barney-style as I did above, but with Robinhood I received $14.09 with a $100 deposit. I bought BTC at ~$39.6K and have seen roughly the same 41% return.  The free BTC value is now  about $20 and the overall position return is 61%.

So with these two positions:

  • my cost basis was $250
  • I was gifted $42.04 in free stock
  • I saw about a 41% return on the price of BTC
  • the total amount of BTC in these accounts as of writing is a little over $413 or 65% return (timeline about one month)


  • You don't actually own the BTC because these are custodial accounts; in order to move your earnings into actual Bitcoin (you own the keys) you will need to transfer the funds to your bank account then to an exchange and make the purchase
  • This will generally cause fees at the sale and again when you purchase on your preferred exchange  
  • this can cause a tax event based on the amounts, your income/tax level, etc

Now, you will not get rich doing this but free money (stock) is awesome and any amount of free BTC is awesome-er.  Overall, the benefit of using these platforms to get free BTC in my opinion will outweigh any perceived negatives. If you enjoyed this post please feel free to give me a thumbs up, throw a micro my way, and follow.

Thanks and I will see you next time.


disclosure: This post contains referral links.  I am not a licensed investment advisor.  This strategy has inherent risks and should be viewed as entertainment only.



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