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By BussTechno | BussTechno | 20 May 2021

Yes it hurts.   It hurts when you try to pull up your portfolio which takes a very long time because traffic has crashed CoinGecko.  It hurts when you can finally login into your exchange only to see the seas have parted and swallowed your precious gains.  It hurts when you can't execute a trade because your stupid Voyager App, that you hate but begrudgingly still use for specific coins, gives you a stop sign and says they are conducting maintenance in the middle of a bloodbath (Was that too specific?)

It hurts.

After the initial butt-pucker though I remembered a few things. 

  • 1.  I don't believe this is the end of this bull cycle, this is a shake-out
  • 2. I'm a long term holder, so while my trading portfolio got rekt- my long-term hodl game is still running strong
  • 3. Everything is on FREAKING SALE!!!!!!!

So I did what any rational crypto-junkie would do.  I loaded up on some quality projects that were being sold for stupidly low prices.  Since, I believe we are in a mid-market correction I decided to only pick up projects I would be comfortable with holding long term in the event my assumption is wrong and we go bear.  I know the projects below will be around for a long time and will pay off in the long run continuing to build; I can also stake my DOT & Solana for the future. 

What pray tell did you buy, you ask?  

DOT- I added some serious Polkadot at a price point of $18.96 per coin.  I love me some DOT, so I added another 20% to my bag.  Here's the thing about this project.  They are currently having their Polkadot Decoded Event which last year caused a massive spike in the price.  It has been fairly stagnant until recently when it looked like they were gathering steam to move again.  They have not yet gone live with their parachains and have so much happening in the next two months it makes you sick to think that someone had a limit-sell set so low.

LINK- I missed the initial push on ChainLink because I didn't fully understand the importance the service that it provides.  I picked up Link at around $25.50, which at the time of writing can be grabbed even lower!  ChainLink is the primary oracle used in basically everything.  Almost every DeFi project and exchange uses Link. This thing will catapult from here.

SOL- The Solana network is already doing what PolkaDot and Cardano have planned for release this summer.  The dApps on the platform are clean and intuitive.  It is fast and pretty awesome.  I didn't put much into this one but I did add 25% to my bag at an average cost of $36.  It's currently sitting around $33 as I write.  Stupid Cheap.

Like I said before- I don't think this is the end of this bull cycle, but I did carefully choose my dip buys in the event that I'm wrong.  There are some serious potential gains in these projects if I'm correct though and I'm willing to risk it for this biscuit.  If not, I guess these guys can join my 2017 Bull Ethereum for the 2024 cycle because I ain't selling! 

I hope you all are well and I appreciate you all taking the time to read.  -Buss



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