5 things Most People Don't Know About Negotiation!

5 things Most People Don't Know About Negotiation!

By Daniel Pinkowski | Business Strategy | 26 Jan 2019


1. The Negotiation Doesn't Start Until Someone Says "NO"


2.Your Bargaining Partner Will Be Happier if You Make Several Concessions Than if He Gets What He Thinks He Wants.


3. It's Never About Money


4. Your Bargaining Strength is All in Your Head



5. Any Reason is Far Better than No Reason, and Nearly as Good as an Excellent One.


I Found #2 to be of the most value to me.


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Daniel Pinkowski
Daniel Pinkowski

Retired Martial Artist living in Shenzhen China, doing crypto mining, and teaching Hapkido martial Arts. involved with import and export to USA. I also do consulting to business. I am from the Chicago Area and now traveling the world.

Business Strategy
Business Strategy

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