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Wish To See Bitcoin Hit $72k And More Soon


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Who doesn’t wish the same? Maybe a person who wants to buy bitcoin wish to see price down of it but most of the investors expect to see bitcoin to the moon. No I'm not a bitcoiner or holder of this boss coin but my expectations are big for bitcoin. In last 24 hours bitcoin highest price was $69k and a little more pump could make the price value $70k. But my altcoins are getting down.

Last time when bitcoin hit $72k, my coins were also pump but I couldn’t take the advantage of that pump but this time I don't want to miss the chance but when the moment will come, no one knows which means unpredictable! My crypto asset value again decreasing and as usual I'm waiting for the pump that can help me earning some profit or may help increasing crypto coins.

Market may looks green for many but it is still bellow expectation for many investors like me. My crypto story for the day still waiting for the right time and desperately waiting for it as always. Can't sell now because the price of crypto coins are best for buying not selling. Can't buy because last time I spent all my stable coin for buying crypto because I'm always desperate on buying and selling and that's the reason behind my failure in this field. Here being smart is more important than being more experienced.

Smart investors always wait for taking advantage of market and they doesn’t get emotional on buying and selling. This make me feel really very unsmart and unprofessional that I buy crypto using my all money and sell crypto when it just start pumping because I get desperate and always think it will be not pump more after selling all my coins but after selling I saw my coins pump big and it cause regret and the same story repeat for crypto price dump.

Maybe I'm sharing negative experience but this can be the lesson for many of you. Righ now my expectation to see bitcoin price more than $72k and that's because I want to see my coins pump too and I may trade my coins once again. Hope this will happen soon and I stop regretting on buying crypto at wrong time and selling it at wrong time too.

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