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When You Buy Crypto, Make Sure You Can Hold It For Long

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Today's crypto market condition is already known to you all and it was predicted by many crypto observers. Before bitcoin halving this dip was expected and this is a golden chance for crypto buyers or investors. Whenever you buy crypto set your mind that you going to hold this for long time, at least until crypto market shows green candle and it pump more than 5% and this will be my next strategy for selling my crypto. Right now it’s buying and holding time as you can see the market move.

Around $250 down over a night and it can be recoverable by holding it until crypto market shows positive result for each coin. Honestly seeing our money reduction is frustrating but this is the test of our patience, a wrong decision can cause a big loss and waiting is the best. We don't invest for experiencing loss right so set your mind for holding crypto until you make profit from it. If you buy crypto right now it hardly can help you making profit over a night so holding for the big is always appreciated and wise.

A crypto investor if buying crypto coins today then he must need time to make profit from it. Good things mostly take time and patience mostly bring reward that we truly deserve. Personally I'm suggesting my friends to hold both crypto coins and patience but this can't be consider as financial advice at all. If you want to trade at this moment you can do it at your own risk and I just suggest my friends to do something that I do too. I'm mentally not prepare for trading right now so I prefer holding my coins and keep observing market move.

One of my crypto observer friend believe that whenever two states have war issues crypto market start getting down and he recently find a news of war in news media. War affect the finance of the world and we experienced it many times and we can't forget about the Russia Ukraine war and the inflation we still have for this war so my friend has logic. One more thing can be responsible behind this dip and it could be dump before the bull run though it is also a prediction by regular crypto observer.

Personally I've no prediction on it because I prefer go with the flow and when I'm not expert in analysis and observing then I prefer waiting because this is the only way to avoid probable losses in the future. Hope the good days come back soon in crypto world and this bad time will be over soon. Don't get panic because your coins are losing it’s value, it can be valuable again when market will be green once again. Think positive and hold and I'm doing it too!

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