When Only Holding Crypto Is Not Enough


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Holding crypto comes later because a lot of market research is needed before taking a finale decision on investment. I think knowing the history of coin, how long it is in the market and studying the opinion of experts or investors is really very important before buying. There are many crypto experts around me to show me the right path for free is a great thing and I've experienced such awesome thing by joining blogging sites and forums. But at the end our investment decision will be our own and it should be wise.

No one can predict the next move accurately all the time. Decentralized crypto coins are unpredictable and this is the impressive side about it. The good reputation of crypto coins still does matter because a reputed crypto earned it's reputation in the market after staying long time in the market and it didn’t earned trust over a night but crypto is a market where there unexpected things also can happen like unexpected things happen in our life accidentally.

In the past there was coins that earned good reputation but scammed so I trust coins that already in the market for long time and have good name in crypto industry. So I believe holding crypto is not enough, we need to select the trustworthy coins. It can be bitcoin or altcoins in the market for long time and doing business honestly for years. For me there are many trustworthy coins in my favorite list but I personally don’t recommend any because I think I'm not yet worthy to suggest coins but I suggest bitcoin.

Undoubtedly bitcoin is the crypto coin that worth holding but the investment amount should be handsome too. Altcoins are the best for small investors like me, so I made a favorite coin list in my binance wallet. I think buying hive, Solana and steem can be profitable as we can buy deep and these coins will get back to good price again though I'm not a guarantee this. Take decision after researching more.

One of my crypto researcher friend made profit on meme coin investment. You surely heard about ponky and it is now a crypto sensation in the market. I still prefer coins available in my fav list and this is absolutely personal. I just start learning crypto seriously from 2022 and this is not yet such long time to learn everything. Hope someday I'll be expert on trading and will make my desired sum from it. But before that I need more money to earn and buy asset. Hope we all become a gainer and learner.

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