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When Healthy Crypto Market Is Possible!!


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War, pandemic and there are many disaster has worse impact on our finance and economy. Cryptocurrency is not out of this world and it is connected to the world economy and finance. After corona pandemic our finance and crypto market was started recovering but the war between Russia and Ukraine brought serious inflation that affected the finance and economy of the world. Lower middle class with lowest salary had financial trouble.

If you are not financially stable then how you can think about to invest your money? A healthy crypto market can be possible when investors invest on it for long time and here investing has risk specially for those who can't afford holding money for long time. Maybe inflation doesn’t affected much the life of rich people who earn or make money from many more sources. Crypto industry is not a magic lamp that we can rub and a genie will come out from it to fulfill our wishes.

Many of us has misconception that crypto investment can make us rich over a night but this is not like that because here we have risk and rich investors mostly invest there extra money here that they can afford to lose. I know these things are not new to you and you already heard all these things many times in crypto blogs. Cryptocurrency has good record in the past and day by day it is expanding to reach more investors.

Here risk, scam and there are many unexpected issues are common as we know the road of our life is not always smooth. But still many risk taker invest on it with the hope of little profit and wait for it. Here I think afford to wait for profit is more important though experts says invest as much you can afford to lose. Rich investors invest here the money they can afford to lose but they can afford to wait for profit so they get richest from the rich. Here losers are those who can't afford to wait or hold crypto coins for the right time.

For me a healthy crypto market is always with green candles and doesn’t dump shockingly but it has good side too as investors can buy dip. So I think crypto market is healthy when investors invest a big amount and crypto coins pump constantly. But the investment is not constant so crypto market shows red candles. Crypto market will be healthy when the world economy will be healthy too. There are many unexpected disaster affect the economy of the world including crypto industry. Nothing new to share on my crypto trading so I decide to talk about this topic.

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