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What Your Crypto Story After Bitcoin Halving

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CoinGecko let us know that bitcoin halving has taken place. Are you ready to buy as price of bitcoin will down and investors will definitely not going to miss the chance. Are you ready to buy? Does halving going to change your crypto trading story? Maybe this is not yet the right time to ask these questions. Market is showing green candles but a day ago yesterday it was red and price of each coins was dip.

This seems the green candle before the dip and better we crypto trader get ready to buy crypto. Bitcoin halving is not bullish and it will take time to experience bull market. Sounds bitcoin halving will attract more investors and it will be profitable when they will buy and hold for bull market. I'm curious though I don't have enough to invest on bitcoin.

As many altcoins follow the lead of bitcoin so they will go dip if bitcoin will be dip. So I may think about buying altcoins instead bitcoin, because I can't afford buying bitcoin right now but in the future I can think about it. I was damn curious to know bitcoin halving update so I search for the news but I found few blogs and vlogs on it. The countdown is over and it’s action time for bitcoin.

All coins in the market should be down after completion the process of halving so hold your money and invest on your desired crypto when each coin will show red candle. My crypto story can be tragic because I'm holding crypto coins in my funding wallet and when the price will fall down my balance will show reducing dollars and it is tragic but can be profitable if I'll be able to hold them for right time. Loss and profit depend on your capacity of holding crypto. Will keep sharing my crypto trading story with you people so stay tuned!

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