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Take The Advantages Of Bear And Bull Market


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Almost all of you crypto traders take advantage of both bear and bull market and I just start it now and I wish I'll be able to hold this for making my asset double someday. Crypto coins are unpredictable to me but still many intelligent people making good amount from it. This morning I take the decision though I should take this decision at least six months ago but its not too late to take the step.

Many people saying that the bull run on crypto market has started and today in the morning one of my coin in Binance seems pumped. I have converted my coins to stable coin USDT and will wait for the bear market when I can buy the coin again to increase the coin amount. I've sold 200 coins so far and wish to buy 400 coin when the price will be down or bear market will be back, I'm ready to hold until its bear market again. This way I can increase my asset that I can hold for long time. If bull market will run for long time, I may have to wait for long time too.

So you can understand the value of both bear and bull market. Both are equally important for crypto traders. This way we can increase our asset and can earn more profit from it. The all we need to use our time and asset wisely. Few weeks ago I was impatient and sold coins in half of price from now. Nothing to do except regretting. Next time I'll surely use the time and asset wisely. It was not my necessity to sell coins but as I said that I was impatient so don't be so impatient like me.

My dream of investing big to earn big sum of money or asset that can ensure my lifetime financial freedom. Crypto coins are gold to me and this asset need to be endless. Investment on right time can help us earning more profit and try not to invest everything for it, invest a little and wait for the bull market. Hold a little but wait for the right time.

Today when the coin in my wallet pumped, my happiness knows no bound and I covert it to stable coin, when the price will be down again, I'll take the advantage of that time or bear market. If price will increase I may covert more coins if I can afford, it will be available in my wallet soon. I'm very excited to earn some profit from my Holdings. Its a great blessing that we can hold our asset for long time and can make profit from it.

This is the era of inflation and we all need money. Our expenses and needs are increasing but our earning is not increasing in the same ratio as a result we can predict a bad financial status on future. To avoid financial crisis this is high time to work smart, invest smartly and take advantages of both bull market and bear market. Don't you agree with me on this?

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