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Suddenly The Price Fall Down

By shohana1 | Business & Finance | 10 Sep 2023

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Honestly I was expecting a little down and set price to a little down but the price fall down surprisingly but its fine having a little profit from the trading. Now again waiting to see a little pump and we all wish to see this suddenly and surprisingly too. BTC is 25k and struggling to reach 26k and some coin I'm holding in my wallet is downing and its affecting my total asset in wallet right now. The down was not expected this way but last few days I'm happy with my trading because I made some good profit that I didn’t expect. It was not that big but means a lot to me.

As I told many times in my blogs that I want to trade regularly but it will depend on market move and my wise decision on buying and selling. Some coin has potential and that the reason behind my buying them though my goal to buy some BTC and ETH too when I'll be ready or can afford buying and holding them. Right now I can't buy or hold such big coins. Now buying is the best as we know price dumping is the best buy time. The asset I'm holding in my wallet can't make me rich but still the price pump of my coins make me feel great and its same for all crypto traders.

Crypto market is unpredictable but still a place that worth investing on it. Here expectations should be under control and each decision should take wisely. If we want to avoid loss then we can buy and wait for pump but buying on dip had maximum chances to make profit. I can't remember if I ever had any big profit but I'm hopeful because I'm holding a little amount and when the price of my coins will pump 2x at least, I can be able to earn my desired profit but its not so big sum of money.

Price fall down doesn’t affect me much because I'm almost used to it but a price pump as surprise is always an expectation. Here rich investors can make biggest profit if they invest on dip and can wait for big pump. Sometimes I wish to have a big amount of asset that can make me financially stable for the lifetime. But life is all about ups and downs like the crypto market. Price go up and down sometimes over a night.

Crypto is a hope and it can change life too, there are any countries trading crypto as digital money but there are still many countries not accepting it as legal because they think some business can be shut down and crypto has power to be enough one alone. I'm not sure if any business will end for cryptos or not but I'm sure people has misconceptions on cryptocurrency and proper education on it can help people to use it properly instead misusing it. Countries that accepting cryptos are well developed and they are enough conscious about their financial growth so choosing crypto is a right decision and people need to study on it more.

Anyway, come back to the point of this post and the down fall is temporary. We can wait for the big pump and hold tight assets for it. To avoid having panic attack seeing price down fall, you can take a break from the market and set a reminder when your app will notify you for your desired price.

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