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Sudden Plan Change On Crypto Trading

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All crypto asset sold even when it was not profitable for me. Suddenly I decide to have some changes on my trading plan as we know after halving price of all coin will be down but market is green right now and I've lost my $506 in previous trading mistakes or unwise trading decision. This time a little change in plan and trying new adventure on crypto trading experience. Holding stable coin and take a break from trading.

Will wait for next market down or dip and this can help to increase my crypto asset once again as I aim to increase my crypto asset. All sold even when market was not as high as expected and right now coins are pumping and this is usual that whenever I sell my crypto coins, it start pumping LOL. But no problem as I'm preparing to by dip or at least closer price to dip.

My desired coins are performing good but I've nothing so sell as usual. I want to buy again and already set my desired price. The all I need to sit calm and keep continue observing market move. Market up down is constant so I believe the waiting period will be not so long but it is unpredictable and should be profitable. Investors time will come again and this time I'll take the advantage of red candle in crypto market. The all I need to hold tight patience and also hold tight my stable coins to invest it wisely.

Suddenly I made my mind as I told in many of my blogs that my decisions are changeable and bring changes in plan sometimes gives us a break from regular stress as regular trading is stressful and addictive too. This way I'm releasing myself from the trading addiction and waiting patiently which is difficult for me most of the time! It's high time to bring some positive changes on crypto trading and the aim is still unchanged and that is growing crypto asset and better holding them for bull market though holding is tough for me.

Will let you know how long time it will take to accumulate more crypto coins and I may buy dip this time though I'm crazy about trading and desperately trying to recover my previous losses. Bitcoin price in last 24 hours was $63k to $65k and Altcoins are also moving in a small price range. A surprise pump or a shocking dump not expected right now but it is crypro market and anything unpredictable can happen anytime so be ready for it.

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