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Ready To Buy But Crypto Market Is High


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The price is higher than the last crypto selling price and expecting to buy dip. If crypto market will keep continue getting high then my waiting period of buying crypto can be extended. Observing market move but the right time of buying crypto not yet come. If you believe that crypto coins will pump more than better you buy it and hold it but this is not my financial advice to you when I'm not buying it because I sold my crypto coins when price was down. No regret when I can wait.

This is hard to control crypto emotions and the inner trader of me insisting me to take risk but my previous losses still not recovered and mentally I'm not prepare for buying crypto but if I get a chance I'll definitely grab it even when my crypto asset will increase a little bit. Whenever I expect shocking dump of crypto coins, it start pumping and this time I'm waiting for a little dump for buying crypto once again.

Binance notify me this morning that bitcoin hit $66k and my desired coins are also getting high. Don't understand if my waiting will be profitable or my risk taking will be more profitable. My previous losses doesn’t allow me to take risk so I'm waiting and observing but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to away from trading because I'm addicted to it. Something I take high risk but it doesn’t guarantee my success but if it goes right then it encourage me to try again but every time expecting success is folly.

It's fine if I'm unable trade when mentally not prepare this as recovering losses in the past will be always my concern and priority. It is often crypto investment time for crypto but when I join them the market looks green but I'm still happy to see crypto coins are pumping and not dumping. Investors who already bought in dip will make profit from their investment if they are expecting a little profit, for big profit they will definitely wait for long time. Let's see how long I've to wait for buy crypto coins.

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