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Pros And Cons Of Big Investment On Crypto

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A big amount of money for crypto investment can change the financial story of a investor. This is the advantage of crypto investment where a person can ensure financial freedom for lifetime by investing on it a big sum and hold it for a big pump. When we think this way we can't see the dark side of this investment. Well yes almost everything has both pros and cons and it is same about crypto trading or investment too.

If someone think about only personal finance then he will never can see the disadvantage of crypto investment. Here rich can be richest by investing their big amount of money and the money they get as profit they reinvest it for more money and this way rich become richest and poor become more needy as it has impact on finance and economy.

If rich investors doesn’t expecting luxurious life and donate their money to the needy then the ecosystem of world economy can be in balance mood but rich people mostly think about money, luxury and hardly some rich donate from their huge money. Crypto investment is the best to improve personal finance but here is a condition and that is about investment amount and holding period.

A big investment means a big profit and some investors make profit in a single trading that can be enough for someone's lifetime finance. No wonder if a rich make such big profit and reinvest for more. If I would be a rich then I would do the same. Sometimes when I make a little profit like 10 dollars or less than that from a little investment, at that time I think if I had 10x or 100x more investment then the profit could be 100 or 1000 dollars just in a trading or investment.

But here gaining is not the story of all investors, many investors can't afford to hold big and sell crypto even when they are losing money. Though I'm a small investor but I experienced losses too for my own unwise trading decision. It has pros and cons but holding coins can help us experience the advantage of crypto investment. So buy and hold until it reach the desired amount.

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