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Professionally Buy And Sell Crypto


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Crypto market is not a place to be emotional though we have emotional connection with it. When it is about your finance, you should be more professional on buying and selling. After trading crypto for long time you’ll understand that what should be your next move even when crypto move will be always unpredictable. This is easy saying but not that easy to follow all the time. Take advantage from the market and market is always in a professional mood because it has no personal connection with crypto traders or investors.

The mistake I constantly repeated last one year was buying and selling emotionally or unwisely, this result asset loss and gradually my asset is getting down. There are two reasons behind asset value reduction, first one is buying and selling unprofessionally and the other reason is getting desperate on buying and selling. Crypto market doesn’t value our emotions because it follows the math and that is completely logical and professional. So we should be professional and trade crypto wisely.

A market research, having stable coins to buy crypto on dip, holding crypto coins to take advantage of crypto pump and these all things are the part of professional crypto trading. Buying crypto coins at high risk will be the reason of reducing asset or reduction of asset value. Sometimes we know everything but can't wait for the right time. I bought crypto at high price because I thought it will pump soon but most of the time the risk buying cause losses. I learn trading by losing some money and I may count them as fees of my learning. This learning helping me to hold for next crypto pump.

Last night bitcoin was almost $70k and with this price value it switched on the light of hope. I thought my Altcoins will pump but this morning I can see the down once again. 50% of asset I trade at high risk and it helped me earning a little crypto which worth roughly $3 dollars. Small gain sometimes gives us the huge joy. This is not yet the right time to sell but right time for buying I guess. Not a financial advice but crypto market is still down and bitcoin buying can be the good investment. Personally I would love to buy some crypto right now and this is logical decision not an emotional step.

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