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Optimism Looks Like Preparing For High Jump


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You are active in this platform and you know that optimism ($OP) is a Lightning fast Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain which is powered by optimism. My first meet with optimism is this platform when it launched optimism for paying bloggers. Today this token take place in my favorite crypto coin list and I prefer trading this layer 2 token. Last few months optimism performing really very impressive because when I learn about this token it was worth $1.71 but today the value of this token is more than 2x of that price.

Things that make me feel like optimism price is preparing for high jump is that red candle when Bitcoin and Ethereum is showing green candle. My prediction could be right, could be wrong but after observing optimism for last 3-4 months I believe it is preparing for high jump and will break all the previous record of price pump. Last time in my binance wallet I saw optimism price was highest $4.29 as far I can remember and the price can be $10 or more in bull market as observers predicting. 

Optimism is the crypto token that can help me recovering my previous losses and I trust on this logically. Earning and trading optimism can be profitable as I personally experienced in last few months. Sometimes negative thoughts also bother me like if the price go back to the price it was when I met this layer 2 token. But crypto market is a place where there no risk, no gain so invest on it and go to sleep which mean wait for the profit. If someday the price fall down to 2x then better holding the coin for the right time but better not selling when it will cause financial loss. 

Time is money and we invest our time and money both in crypto market. Bitcoin investment is great but crypto market is open for small investors too like me, as I can buy tokens like optimism and I believe it perform better than many altcoins available in the market. Optimism should open more earning opportunity like we can earn it from here by sharing blogs and tipping blogs of other users here. Last night I observed that bitcoin and Ethereum was pumping when optimism was showing red candle but the price was not down as many coin price dropped down in 24 hours shockingly. 

Splitting stable coin helping me to be active in the trading even when it helping me making less profit. Less profit is better than earning nothing right? Not yet ready to take high risk but slow growing is better when are bad at holding patience and coins for long time.  I guess I told this thousands of time in my blogs. Whatever,  I'm personally impressed with optimism not a financial advice or recommendation from my side. Optimism is my favorite and it make me excited whenever it perform good. 

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