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My Crypto Value Is Roughly $200 Down In Last Two Weeks

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Where my monthly goal was making $200,there my asset value reduced roughly $200 USDT. This is not a negativity that I'm spreading about crypto, this is for those who get panic on such situation that I'm going through right now. Don’t get panic, hold patience and your crypto asset too. No one knows what is waiting for us tomorrow so think positive and wait for the good luck and good time that came to us many times in the past. Crypto market showed us green signal many times so there is always a hope.

Today if we get panic and sold crypto when it is dip, then we may regret when crypto will pump and we may missed the surprise too. This way I'm motivating myself because I saw good times in crypto market many times so it's worth holding it. Last night I thought bitcoin price will go down below $65k and what I can say about altcoins, it's dumping like my heart is bleeding because I'm an Altcoin holder and as you can see my small investment cause $200 asset reduction.

What if I invested 10x more? Then it would cause $2000 asset reduction which is a big amount for many of us. I can't even imagine such situation. Crypto market may get green but it seems it will take time to hit my buying price. This made me frustrated before but not now because this up and down is very common in crypto market and also in our life. This is not my time but this is the time of investors who knows when they should buy and when they should sell and how long they should hold crypto.

Right now waiting for green candles is the only way for me because $200 USDT is a big amount for me and it worth waiting to get back my investment with profit. This is possible if we can wait, getting desperate always cause losses and I've experienced this many times. So try to take a break from trading if you are going through the same situation I'm going through. If you are still trading actively then I must say that you are very smart and experienced in this field of trading. You definitely born for trading and you know how market works. Good luck for more success.

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