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My Crypto Expectations After Bitcoin Halving

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Though I'm not good at holding crypto coins and keep continue trading without any plan or deep observation. Still I've some expectations to crypto market and this is very common among we crypto louvers. Who doesn’t expecting bull market?

Since the beginning of this year it feels like bull market is closer but market sometimes offering golden chance of buying crypto and many investors taking the advantage of crypto price dump. Crypto holders are wise as they know when to buy and when is the right time for trading.

Sometimes we know the key but don't know how and when it should be use and this happen to me every time. Bitcoin halving should be on April 19 which is closer but I have some expectations from crypto market though right now market is below expectations as I'm not able to buy crypto. It cause regret when I can't buy dip and can't sell when my favorite crypto coins are pumping.

Again I aim to accumulate crypto so I sold, after selling it start pumping as usual so need to wait for the next buy. You buy or sell crypto, holding is a must and I learn it from my observation but I can't help taking risk which mostly cause loss. Holding for long time is not possible for those who is already addicted to trading and it’s true that risk taking can be fruitful too but this is not promised.

If after halving it will be bull market then we all need to hold crypto for it. As a positive thinker I would love to hold crypto even it would be a little amount but should be good enough to recover my previous losses. It will take time and this is not something that can be possible over a night. Holding patiently is hard for me personally as trading helped me making profit in the past. Hope after bitcoin halving market will be green for long time.

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