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Jump From One Crypto To Another


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Last 24 hours I'm trading crypto in a different style by applying different strategy. Crypto market is continuously up and down and I was thinking which coin to buy as I had fixed stable coin for investment. I made a very small amount of profit by switching one coin to another. My regular trading coin was steem and optimism and the recent price pump of steem is really impressive but high risk to buy it so I was looking for a safe coin for short term investment or trading and I find solana.

Solana is one of my most favourite crypto coin is crypto market. This is the coin that helped me making some profit for short term trading though my investment was not big but good enough for making small profit. I bought solana when price was falling a little down and wait for the little pump that happened in few hours. This morning again I bought solana and holding it for another little pump and these small pump help me making $1 or $2 dollars. I personally don’t recommend this type of crypto trading because the trading platform charge a fee even the fee would be smaller.

Bitcoin in last 24 hours moving on $67k to $68k worth price when many of us expecting to see it $70k to $72k or more. The pump and dump of Solana seems following the lead of bitcoin though in the past I saw Solana pump even when bitcoin price was down and Altcoins in the market is also down. Solana helping me to make USDT that I may withdraw next month on festival time. Around $200 is target and it will take time to accumulate it. Crypto asset will be increased when I'll be able to buy dip. Having stable coin can help me on that.

Jump from one crypto to another can be profitable when we buy dip as I experiment this in last 24 hours. The experience of this kind of trading is risky too but to avoid risk we need to wait for lowest price of our desired crypto. Targeting the right coin is also important. I choose Solana that doesn’t mean you’ll choose Solana too, you can find something better than this.

One of my crypto observer friend trade meme coins as he believe meme coins can help him to earn maximum profit as his friends already made good profit from their investment. Meme coins are not my choice yet but maybe I can think about it in the future. Do not consider these as financial advice back because I only share my experience that can be a lesson for others but not something that guarantee success.

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