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Fall Into Crypto Trading Trap


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Here I come with another trading story which was like trap to me. Yesterday afternoon I saw the price of my desired coin was pumping like go to the moon and it was the trap that I couldn’t stop me fall into it. I bought high once again and right now the coin is down and my asset worth get down too.

Around $40 dollars decreased and it is not yet the loss because I'm going to hold it until I recover the $40 dollars. It feels like I fall into the trap though I showed bravery by taking risk once again. As usual my risk taking goes wrong and it will kill my precious time. Now market is down and many investors can buy crypto right now.

Once again I fail to hold my crypto and patience both. After thinking a lot I realized that here sitting idle can be not profitable so I took risk of buying high and you can see my situation right now. Luckily the amount was one third of my current whole asset in my wallet, if I got more emotional and invested all my asset then it could be more frustrating as asset value decreasing is frustrating to me.

This time my trading would goes wrong but this is not something that will happen all the time. The asset will be recoverable but I need to invest my time to it. I could save myself from the trap but my expectation was high and this is the reason behind my current situation. I'm still motivated and will keep continue trading when I'll be able to fix my previous losses.

Crypto market is getting down once again and this is the chance of buying crypto coins for us. The down is not yet the expected price for buying to me and I already set buying orders to increase my crypto asset. I recommend my crypto investor friends to hold coins patiently when I'm not good at it. As I said, no regret on taking risk because I've chance to recover losses and make profit in near future. Stay positive is the best!

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