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Even When Crypto Market Is Green

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Looks like crypto market is testing my patience as I was expecting to buy my desired crypto coins. Crypto market is getting green and looks good. The day of buying could be closer, the all I need to hold patience and keep observing market move. Next buy will be done as planned even this time waiting could be longer. Increasing crypto asset is the key to success in this industry.

Bitcoin seems preparing once again to hit $70k but I was expecting to invest before it hit $70k again. Nope my target coin is not yet bitcoin but coins that follow the lead of bitcoin and Ethereum. I've set price for buying but market is going against my plans. Last few months I'm making mistake on trading as a result I experienced loss of $506 dollars but it is recoverable but it will take time. Wise decision could save my money but my impatient nature cause the loss.

This morning when I checked my crypto wallet, I saw coins are pumping and wherever it pump it feels like it will never dump and whenever it start dumping it feels like it will never pump again and this frustrating situation cause the loss and it take a lots of time to recover when holding patience could save us from the probable losses in this field.

Every time I pretend wise investor when I take decisions instantly which is mostly wrong. After realizing and promising myself not to repeat the same mistake I did it again and again. Sometimes luck favored and sometimes not. So this time I've decided to hold even when crypto market is getting green and it may go to the moon. I'll buy dip to increase my crypto asset and it will definitely help me increasing my crypto asset as I set my aim to increase it.

Waiting is hard and sometimes it can cause regret too but the biggest regret is getting impatient and experience losses. Every time I regret for not holding patience and this time when I'm trying to hold stable coin to buy crypto and you know when it can be the right time. It's observing time and not buying time for me though risk takers will buy now and will wait for high pump. I'm not ready to buy when market is high. Will keep tracking the duration of my holding, even when I can afford to buy or invest crypto.

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