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Ethereum Hit 3k, Bitcoin Was Closer To 53k

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Just a day before yesterday my prediction was about Ethereum and it goes right, last night Ethereum hit 3k price value when bitcoin was close enough to 53k price. Crypto market looks good with the price value of each coin and token. Optimism hit $4 once again and this was expected. What will be the next move of optimism that's need to be observed because I'm on buying mood.

Last trading was not profitable for me but I didn’t lose hope and recovering can be possible by taking risk and correct trading decision but this is unpredictable. Once again I'm getting desperate to buy and this is not new that I get desperate to buy and sell all the time as a result I can't make profit as planned. This February I'm experiencing losses on wrong trading decision.

Observing crypto market almost a year now and I saw ETH price $1.5k and bitcoin price less than $20k. Many market experts predicted that BTC will go down to $10k but it didn’t happen but the prediction about bitcoin price on bull market will be $100k or more and this is possible as the market move saying to us. No I'm not getting emotional and overwhelmed about the market but I believe in crypto because it has power to change one's life. It has power that it can bring financial freedom for lifetime. It will depend on investment amount and holding time.

Whoever bought Ethereum on half price of today's price can make 2x profit from their investment which mean a millionaire can be a billionaire for holding ETH less than a year though it was not guaranteed but this can be reward of holding patience and crypto coins for the right time and sometimes long time too. Whoever bought bitcoin when it was $20k of price value can expect 3x profit from investment whenever bitcoin will hit 60k price value and that day is not far away. 

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