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Enjoying Increasing Crypto Asset

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Crypto trading become more interesting to me because finally I got the right track and this can be profitable sooner or later. As market up and down is very common and I always talk about taking advantage of the market. So the moment market is down I'm busy on taking advantage of crypto price pump and dump. The process is very simple and increasing crypto asset is better than increasing stable coin.

After observing and trading crypto for more than a year I discover the way to make profit from the market and accumulating crypto coins instead some other process applying to make profit from my investment. Enjoying trading and increasing crypto asset even when market is down. A surprising pump and dump can change the story of my trading over a night but reason behind accumulating crypto is experience the surprise pump because I'm holding the crypto coins I'm accumulating in my funding wallet.

Now you may ask me what if a serious dump moment will be right here in crypto market? Well the answer is very common and it will be hold for the right time but the asset I've in my spot wallet for keep continue trading will be at risk and keep continue trading by splitting buying and selling order amount. Getting desperate to buy and sell both can cause sitting idle when market will offer buying in dip and selling on high.

With the time my trading decisions or steps will be more improved and profitable and I'm still observing and learning crypto trading. There is a coin that I hold and trade offer me two options of earning crypto and that is well known as steem in crypto market. These two offers are either I'll accumulate more steem by trading it or I'll power up my steemit account wallet if I want to earn from curating blogs in the site so there are two options open for me to make more steem as crypto asset.

Steem is not the only coin that I prefer trading but this is the crypto coin that always bring blessings to me. Last four years I'm earning steem continuously and the blessing is also continuous. Maybe right now the value of it not that big but we steem earners already experienced the awesomeness of it in the past and desperately waiting to get back those good days once again and it can be possible in bull market so I'm hopeful for it. I wish you also enjoying the trading. Good luck!

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