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Do You Save For Festivals?

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Its Christmas season going on, at the same time a time for celebration of new year. Curious mind asking if you people save for these celebration moments or festivals since the beginning of a year? Its hard for family expenses bearers but celebrating festivals also included in family expenses. Even we can't be frugal when its about Christmas or some other celebration of the year.

Do you think saving is necessary since the beginning of a year to celebrate festivals in a grand way? Your earning is weekly, monthly or yearly base, you need to save for big expenses. We earn to spend and yearly festivals need to celebrate like the day become special but we can't be so careless about our finance at the same time. So saving can help a lot. Not sure about everyone that's why I asked the question in the title of this post.

Saving money never can be bad and how helpful it could be, many of us already experienced many times in our life. As we earn to spend so we should earn and save at least one third of our earning. Savings are the best support when we are in need so we can consider savings as our best friend. No one wants to compromise the happiness they can afford and its fair enough. In the world of competition, no one going to offer you a scope or chance, you have to make it your own and its same about our personal finance that shouldn’t be compromised.

Festivals with family needs more money and we earn money for our livelihood and become frugal because we are concerned with our personal finance. Happiness of celebrating festivals can be 2x better when we start saving since the beginning. All year saving can help us celebrating festival in a grand way, we can afford to feed more people and can afford to buy gifts and new cloths for kids.

So are you planning for start saving at the beginning of 2023 to celebrate festivals in a grand way?

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