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Bitcoin Price Was Closer To $72k


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What a good news in the air! The crypto market made me over excited once again and I sold my crypto coins even it was bellow profit. A little more wait could be the reason of profit but as always I sold it to buy again. Not a big loss but still a loss is loss and it will definitely take time to recover. Bitcoin and Ethereum price pump is exciting news in crypto market right now and my over excitement forced me to sell my coins even when it was not even closer to my buying price. No problem because next buy and hold can help me recovering but everything good takes time and once again I have to wait for buying my desired coins.

Every time I buy crypto when the price is not dip and I try to be more active in the market even I'm not making profit as planned. Things that cause regret when I sell crypto, it start pumping and when I buy crypto, it start dumping when things should be opposite to it. Bitcoin price is still above $70k and Altcoins following the lead of this boss coin. Optimism seems following the lead of Ethereum and crypto market is showing green signal for us. Many investors definitely taking the advantage of this green signal and I could be one of them if I waited a little long. For me better luck next time.

The crypto market make me hopeful when it shows green signal and it encourage me to buy crypto coins once again for continuous trading. Each time I talk about holding, patience and waiting but unfortunately I hardly can hold patience and my crypto in my wallet. Last night my crypto coins pumped but I couldn’t take the advantage of this pump and sold my crypto coins when the price was not even closer to the buying price. My crypto coins pumped more than my buying price but my impatient nature didn’t allow me to make profit. Such a big regret but it can be temporary if I can buy again to get back my asset to trade again.

Current crypto market status is known to you all and who doesn’t want to see bitcoin price to the moon? I want too though I'm waiting to buy crypto coins again and will sell it again at good price. There is a good news, I had $10 worth Ethereum in my wallet which become $11.20 worth in this pump and I'm planning to buy again. My next goal of making crypto will be execute soon and this time I'll separate my crypto coins to funding wallet and would like to hold them for the surprising crypto pump. Let's see how much I can make. I'll keep updating you all. Stay tuned!

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