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Bitcoin Price Was Bellow $60k, What Is Next?

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Bitcoin halving news in the air and one of my crypto observer friend already predicted the current crypto market down. After halving bull run may appear 5-6 months later but it just a prediction not something that will definitely happen. According to crypto experts and analysts bull run is closer and it should be at the end of this year or in the next year and investors are preparing for this.

First time I heard about the bitcoin price prediction of $1k plus in 2022 and my friend told that it will happen in 2025 and she was also got the prediction from experts but this should consider as a prediction but holding bitcoin is definitely a good decision. No one can guarantee that what will be next, crypto holding can be profitable for investors and this is guaranteed for long time crypto holders. Crypto offer long term investment and it mostly found profitable for holders.

In last 24 hours bitcoin price was bellow $60k and the lowest price was $59k. Now question is what we going to see next? What will happen after bitcoin halving? These type of questions are buzzing in my mind and my friend told that crypto market will be down after halving and will get back to green after few weeks or months. This is not a big concern for a crypto holder especially who can afford to hold crypto coins for more than a year or longer than that.

We should see positive sides of the market move as investors can buy more bitcoin or altcoins when market is down and this investment can help them making profit from it definitely but holding is the only requirement. A regular trading can be risky and cause asset loss too so holding is the best. For me holding is difficult so taking risk is the only option. I was expecting to see crypto market in bull mood after halving but it will take time and waiting for the right time will answer all questions in our mind.

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