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Bitcoin Is Closer To 40k

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Just get the news and bitcoiners are super excited to welcome the bull run. My X social media platform feed is flooded with the good news. After May 2022 the price is going up once again as some BTC news mentioned it and I was looking for more info that I can include in my blog. This is the last month of this year and crypto coiners can see the light of hope. December is the middle of winter here and bitcoin can gives us some warm feeling by going high.

Bitcoin price value seems getting hot and it will heal bitcoiners in this winter. BTC was 38.8k last night and Altcoins are also performing well. Seems the time is not so far when it will be 50k. Maybe the time is this year as we have 30 more days in this December. Indeed the price pump is a matter of getting super excited for bitcoin holders and investors. Personally I'm happy for them even when I'm not a bitcoiner. Good things if happen earlier that seems much better so what if BTC reach 1k price value at the beginning of 2024 though experts predicting that can be possible at the end of 2024.

Just imagine about those investors who bought BTC when it was bellow 20k of price value and those investors will hold BTC until it reach 100k. It means they going to be gainer of 5x profit from their investment and already make almost 2x profit. Lucky bitcoiners will definitely hold for big return but regular trading also can be a subject of earning profit if tred wisely but this is the risky way to make money from our least asset. After seeing the performance of boss coin bitcoin, we crypto lover truly believe that it worth waiting or worth taking risk.

Holders truly deserves appreciation because If I would be at their place I definitely sell my BTC to make small profit. My problem is that I'm running after stars when holders are waiting for the moon, if today I can wait then I can get the moon which is more profitable. I just compared the big profit with the moon and small profits with the stars.

A regular trader like me earn stars but a wise cryto coin holder can be compared to the moon. Are you happy with the stars you collecting or you wish for the precious moon? As my asset is small so my asset gainning is important to me so I'm counting stars indstead waiting for the big moon. Sounds bitcoiners are going to be the owner of a moon as they are waiting for the right time.

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