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Bitcoin Impressive Price Movement

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Bitcoin price is moving 66k to 67k range which is pretty impressive. Altcoins are also following the lead of bitcoin as I can see some altcoins are also following a small price range to pump and dump in 24 hours. My crypto coin value decreased around $20 dollars in last 24 hours and it was expected. I may not wait till the surprise pump as my need of money forcing me to trade and recover previous losses as much possible. The inner voice telling me to wait. My mind says to take risk when my heart is saying a little more wait can help me avoiding losses of my last trading.

It's more than a week now when I'm away from trading and my target of making $200 in a month is fail. Waiting for avoiding loss already killing a lots of time but taking risk will bring profit, there is no guarantee too. If right now I sell my crypto accepting loss then it will be like jump into the fire without any plan. So waiting is still a way to avoid loss. There are many times I took risk and every time I experienced loss so this time I have to wait or else once again it would be a big loss.

Bitcoin price is moving impressively as it is pumping instead dumping really dip. This is rare for me when coin's price follow a small price range. I still would buy if I had enough money to invest because this year bitcoin price pump more than $72k and this is a motivation for investors. Bull market is the target of many bitcoin investors as there is a chance to make double or triple profit from investment. Brave investors will buy and wait for something big. I can't wait for it because I need money to spend and I have to earn it from trading.

As I told many times in my blogs that we can't expect big return from our small investment but we can work on increasing crypto asset or stable coin by trading wisely and regularly. Some crypto price move will be the reason of long time waiting for the next trading as I'm waiting for the good time of crypto. My asset is decreasing and I'm still thinking about holding because miracle can happen here anytime as it happened in the history. I wish bitcoin always pump and altcoins follow the lead of bitcoin as always. I don't advice but I always encourage crypto investors to invest on bitcoin if they target bull market and ready to wait for it.

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