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Are You Still Expecting Crypto Bull Market This Year?

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Well if you ask me the same question then my answer will be a yes because I believe in the magic of crypto and it happened many times in history. So don't get frustrated seeing the current dump or crypto market condition. It's true that bitcoin price was below $65k in last 24 hours but suddenly this morning Altcoins are getting green.

This is not yet the pump we are expecting from the crypto market but it doesn't mean that there is no hope of bull market this year or at the beginning of next year. We should be hopeful and we should have positive attitude when we are trading or holding crypto coins in our wallet. The time is not good for crypto sellers but this is a big time for crypto buyers but unfortunately I'm not one of them right now.

Many of my crypto observer friends taking advantage of current crypto market and they are really very good at crypto trading and can wait for the right time. Whoever invest on dip will make profit in bull run but holding for it needs patience and honestly I can't afford the patience. This month I tried to accumulate some crypto in my funding with the aim of withdraw and hold fifty percent of all asset but suddenly crypto market started showing red candle and I took another break and decide to hold until I'm not preparing my next investment strategy.

Waiting for something big is really worth it so I guess if you are holding a big amount of crypto asset then wait for bull market which can be closer to us. Time is money and we all are in the crypto market to make money because with invest both our time and money. This is wise to invest as much we can afford to lose or we can afford to hold for long time.

Bitcoin as the boss coin of crypto market was stick on above $60k price and this can be a big reason behind having the hope of bull market. Let's enjoy the show, it's worth holding tight our asset for something big! What do you think? Do you agree with me?


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