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Any Sign Of Bull Market This Year?

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Bitcoin hits $72k price more than once this year, is this can be consider the sign of bull market this year? June is closer and many crypto observers were predicting that we can experience the bull market at the middle of this year or at the beginning of 2025. This question came to my mind that is there any chance of bull market next month as anything can happen or can be possible in crypto market and as I always say crypto market is full of thrill and surprises if we observe the crypto coin move regularly.

The moment I was active in regular trading I felt the thrill because I've invested all my money at once for buying crypto and sold them for small profit. Crypto market is not only surprising but also shocking as the price down fall made me shocked many times. There are many crypto lovers like me waiting for bull market even when we have no asset that we can sell at high price on bull market. Aim behind expecting bull market is one and that is seeing the price high of each crypto coins after such a long time.

There are many crypto marketers recall the good time of crypto market on 2021 and count me one of them. At the end of 2020 when I came back to join crypto industry I became the witness of good time of crypto when it was 2021. But after a year crypto market was down and we can remember how was our 2022 and 2023. Bitcoin price goes dip and Altcoins followed the same lead. Many of us who earn crypto got a red signal for around two years but still it was golden chance for buying bitcoin and other crypto coins.

Bitcoin price goes all time high and this can be consider the sign of bull market, do you really think so? What about bitcoin halving? Many investors had plan of buying crypto after halving as many crypto observers predicted that after bitcoin halving the price of cryptocurrency will be down. But that prediction goes wrong, so is this can be the sign of bull market? Maybe yes or maybe no, the all we can do to enjoy the crypto market move and who knows, bull market can appear surprisingly. The all we can do to wait for it. Time will give answers that we have in our mind and we have to be prepare for both up and downs. Let's wait for it..maybe bull market is closer!

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