Sunset in Pericoco, el Junquito, Venezuela, photo of my property

Heading for a break in the countryside

By gemamedina | Buscando un camino | 20 Jun 2023

We are very attached to the city. We study there, we work there, we have a social life, with friends and family. In addition, we find in the city a whole series of places that help us in our day-to-day life. We go shopping in the grocery stores and supermarkets; we go to the bank to pay for services, get cash, make transactions, go to the clothes shops, lingerie shops, all kinds of items that we may need in our daily lives and that make our lives easier and more comfortable.


On the way to pericoco


However, with all the advantages we find in the city, there is nothing that compares to a day in the countryside. I personally love to go on weekends to a village near Caracas, where for some years now we have had a small house, and where we enjoy a quiet atmosphere, free of annoying noises and where people are very friendly and cordial.


Some horses grazing on the track


So every fortnight we set out to visit this village called Pericoco, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, blue sky, wildflores, butterflies around the flowers and breathe in the fresh air.


Pericoco Wildflowers 

On our last trip there we set out to plant some coffee plants that we had bought at a coffee fair in Caracas and that we had to plant in the ground because they were already growing quite a lot. We also planted other fruit plants; we checked some chickens and hens that we have in a corral.


Planting the coffee bush



Planting the lulo bush


As we don't go every weekend, the neighbours take care of the domestic animals we have, feed the chickens and water the plants we have in our garden, as basil, mint, rosemary and so on. So, every time we go we find everything working and in place.

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Basil and mint plants in our garden 

For me, there is no better relaxation than a few days of rest in the countryside.


Photos of my property taken with cell phone

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My name is Gema Medina and I live in Venezuela. I like photographs, reading and writing.

Buscando un camino
Buscando un camino

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