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By Burger | BurgerBaron | 16 Jul 2020

Update on the 7th of november 2020: we will be updating to a new play2earn model. Read more about it here. Below is an outdated version of our terms and conditions. 

Heard of the great [GHUB] BurgerLand? Where ownership is not needed to reap the burgers of the Land?

Seek no further, all will be explained here.

seen running wild in BurgerLand

BurgerLand will distribute 80% of all earned League of Kingdom crypto dividends of the total of 14 League of Kingdoms lands between all active GHUB alliance members who place their Kingdoms on BurgerLand. As it is close to the HUB, it is easy to join in efforts of defending/attacking/rallying with the rest of the HUB.


Every second Sunday 80% of all DAI dividends (after deduction of gas fees) of all BurgerLands will be distributed with matic on discord.


To be eligible, you must

- be a member of the GHUB alliance
- place your kingdom in an effective manner to maximize dev points/dai yield on land 
- have your kingdom on BurgerLand for at least a week before PayDay - latest on Monday before PayDay
- be an active player with at least 200k power since last PayDay - on BurgerLands

Make sure to follow updates as most info will be given here on this blog. 
DAI dividend distribution among members on BurgerLand will be calculated based on kingdom power...the higher your power, the bigger your share!


BurgerLand will be Kingly!

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