You can now 'Buy with Paypal' at coinbase

By Tm904 | Bullish Bitcoin News | 2 May 2021

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Coinbase, is now allowing to buy cryptocurrency with a 'Buy with Paypal' function. Till now you could only pay via creditcard or bank transaction. So instead of depositing your money with a loss of maybe several days, you can buy and pay directly via PP now. Imagine Bitcoin is dipping hard over a short period of time and you want to buy the dip but your money takes 2 days to arrive at your account. This speeds things up and is a good news of adoption.

-> This "...also means there's one less platform with your debit and bank account information."[1]

-> "You can spend up to $25,000 per day, so plan to set aside time across multiple days to buy a single bitcoin".[1]


So far this is only possible for U.S. citizens, but they are working on at bringing this to europe soon.

This are great news of adoption, and therefore great news for bitcoin.


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Bullish Bitcoin News
Bullish Bitcoin News

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