New BTC and Ethereum Indexes launched at Wall Street

By Tm904 | Bullish Bitcoin News | 6 May 2021

The crypto market is getting more professional every day.  S&P Down Jones Indices just launched three new crypto tickers, that match institutional requirements.[1]

The three new crypto tickers:

- SPBTC (S&P Bitcoin Index) -> bitcoin ticker



- SPETH (S&P Ethereum Index)-> ETH ticker



- SPCMC (S&P Cryptocurrency MegaCap Index)-> MegaCap-ticker



"One tracks the performance of bitcoin, another tracks the performance of ethereum, and the third measures the performance of both bitcoin and ether."[1]


So these three indices aim to bring transparency to emerging cryptocurreny markets. The company explained "These indices are designed to measure the performance of a selection of digital assets (crypto assets) listed on recognized, open exchanges that meet minimum liquidity and market capitalization criteria." [1]. That means the tickers are measuring points, instead of real time prices. For bitcoin that makes around 7625 points by now. This happens my measuring only the rendered yield instead of real spot prices.

S&P Global says "...cryptocurrencies have become mainstream and appear to be here to stay,..." [1], and furthermore an S&P analyst ..."believes that bitcoin’s rise is reminiscent of the U.S. gold rush".[1]


This are great signs of adoption. It is happening day by day. This is bullish!



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