Why is BTC a better Than Fiat Currency


I get asked quite often the question of why is bitcoin better than currency?   I initially looked perplexed at hearing this but since I have been in the crypto world for the last 7 years I’ve learned how to adapt to answering this based on the fears of the person asking.  

My typical response is the government cant manipulate the bitcoin side of things.  Granted, whales can come in and move the market with their buy and sell but that can be seen.  People can see see order boards and know what’s coming.   The inflation rate and taxation that the government throws on fiat is sometimes unknown by the common citizen only until after the fact.   To me, this simply causes stress and false sense of security within society towards their respective government. For a great example of this, just look at Venezuela!

Another component to piggy back off the last paragraph is that bitcoin has a set limit of coins whereas money can be printed indefinitely and also taking another step down the rabbit hole, can be counterfeited.  With knowing the exact amount of coins that be created through the public blockchain and also the Whitepaper on Bitcoin, we all know when the last Bitcoin will come to be, or a fleas an approximation.  Fiat can be printed daily at the discretion of the government or it can be counterfeit produced by virtually any person to one degree or another.  This simply creates inflation, driving down the sheet value of the currency and again, causes panic and dissension between government and the people

at the end of the day, there are countless other reasons that can support the bitcoin vs fiat argument.  I personally believe it is the future for us to see bitcoin and other crypto used daily; we already see it at places like Subway, Overstock, and recently in the news is EBay.   Hell, a pizza was bought 9 years ago so if that can be done, just wait u til we see big Banks fully support and get involved and large scale adoption happens.   The possibilities are endless and the opportunity is only going to increase to show the scalability of daily use


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Bull Trap, economy trickery or More?

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