Beginner-Friendly Guide to Earning Cryptocurrency Passively

By Buderus | Buderus | 10 May 2021

Ever wondered if there is a way to generate more of that sweet crypto without having to put in more fiat or putting another mortgage on your house, here are some options I use and thought I would share:


  • Airdrops

An airdrop, in the cryptocurrency business, is a marketing stunt that involves sending coins or tokens to wallet addresses in order to promote awareness of a new virtual currency. Small amounts of the new virtual currency are sent to the wallets of active members of the blockchain community for free or in return for a small service, such as retweeting a post sent by the company issuing the currency.

Googling something like "recent airdrops" should show you a list of possible places where you can get some that are still active.


  • Moons / bricks / donuts on Reddit

In case you haven't noticed, on Reddit in the subs r/CryptoCurrencyr/ethtrader and r/FortNiteBR you can earn crypto (moons, donuts and bricks respectively) by having your posts or comments upvoted. If you have something useful to share and the community agrees these coins can be a nice bonus. For doing this you just have to activate your vault in your account (fairly simple, take only a few minutes). As of right now a moon is worth $0.113595, a donut is worth $0.02130502, and a fortnite brick is wort $ 0.01132301, this will surely increase with the interest in both cryptocurrency and reddit growing the way it is. So if you are here on a daily basis I would highly suggest activating your vault.


  • Interest:

Just like with banks, a whole bunch of exchanges and website offer you interest on your coins when holding them in their eco-system. This can vary from small amounts under 1% up to wopping 14% or even more depending on the coin and website. But you also have to be aware that keeping your coins on certain platforms can involve a risk of losing them as well (eg. due to getting hacked, or exit-scams, like we have seen with Mt. Gox), so DYOR before throwing all you precious money into a website, look for reputable ones and such that have never been hacked before. Examples of websites that payout interest are Binance, Nexo, Stakecube, Celsius, Poloniex, etc...


  • Staking:

To quote binance: Staking is an activity where a user locks or holds his funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to participate in maintaining the operations of a proof-of-stake (PoS)-based blockchain system. It is similar to crypto mining in the sense that it helps a network achieve consensus while rewarding users who participate.

So to put it simple, it is similar to interest rates with usually much higher payouts, but you have to "lock" your cryptos away for a certain amount of time and will get your reward when the time has passed. This can vary from 15 days up to 3 months. You can most often force to unlock your coins again if you really need to, but you will have to pay to unlock them (this is not advised and should only be done if there really is some kind of emergency and you really need those coins). The rewards for staking are comparably very high, with having coins staked getting over 30% not being uncommon. If you are certain you are going to hold your crypto for a long time this is one of the most lucrative ways to gain more money passively. Exchanges like Binance offer a wide variety of stakeable coins, and there are even wallets that allow you to stake coins held there like Trust Wallet or Exodus.

Just be sure 100% sure that you want to keep holding for that amount of time, unlocking can get quite expensive.


  • Brave Browser and Presearch:

Brave Browser, based on Goggle's open-source code i.e. Chromium, is a well-optimized browser with plenty of functionalities like built-in adblock, and with great customization features. Not only that, but it is possible to earn cryptocurrency with it as well, specifically BAT (Basic Attention Token). When activated, you get shown around 5 non-intrusive ads every hour by either a pop-up at the side (kinda looks like a windows notification) and by the default hometab (which mostly just look like wallpapers). You can also use this to tip content creators online. I switched earlier this year from firefox to this one and haven't regretted it sofar, and already earned more than10 bucks but doing the exactly the same as usual. 1 BAT is worth $1.43 right now.

If you really want to crank up the browser-crypto earnings, then combine this with "presearch". It is a decentralized search engine, powered by the community, and also pays you just for searching stuff online with PRE, which is at $ 0.0673 right now. So you can double you earnings with this method.


  • Playing Games:

If you are an avid gamer and want to combine your playtime with earning some crypto on the side there a many games that reward you. Games like CS:GO, Huntercoin, Coin Hunt World , Splinterlands, Storm, Worldopo and Alienrun (to name a few) reward you for playtime, tasks done, levels beaten, etc. This can be an entertaining way of earning some coins on the side in spite of being more "active" than other options on the list.


  • Faucet websites and other Reward-based Sites:

While not being 100% passive there are ways how you can still get some crypto without having to put in real money.

You either have a wide variety of faucet sites (sites where you do certain tasks, like watch ads or videos, play games, just flat out claim crypto every hour/ day, do surveys, get rewarded by chatting etc..) which can pay quite handsomely when putting some time into it.

The mechanics of these sites can differ as well, some want you to be more active by incentivizing users to be very active a certain amount of time, others have leveling system that payout more the longer you use them, and then there are some where you collect their internal currency and can use this to autoclaim the crypto of your choosing every minute (this is the closest to passive earning). And of course lots of hybrid systems of these ideas (including implementing things like interest and staking). If you invest a bit time you can accumulate quite some money if done right (I started using some in end of January and got around $800 bucks sofar, but this also depends on how the market changes), and can be set up that you, for instance only do it one day and let the autoclaims passively suck out crypto through the rest of the week. You just have to be careful which sites you use, as some of them might just not pay out for your time and energy put in.

Faucets I have used sofar to get my earning and that have shown to pay out well are:

There are also other websites where you can do all kinds of tasks to get some free rewards, like coinbase or coinmarketcap ; they reward you for doing their cryptocurrency tutorials and educating yourself in the process. All these are neat ways to get you into crypto, in spite of lacking the finances to please your interest.


  • Mining and Folding:

I think there is nobody here that hasn't heard of mining cryptocurrency, but in case you haven't for some reason: To put it into very simple terms, crypto mining is a process in which a machine performs certain tasks to obtain a little bit of cryptocurrency. There are many different ways of mining and each of those can need different hardware to fasten the process, be it CPU processing power, a good GPU (graphicscard), up to ASIC mining rigs, and even forms of using Harddrives (CHIA Coin for example).

If you are interested in this I would first advise you to search for mining calculator, and see what profits it will spit out for you determined by the hardware you are using, and most importantly the electricity costs you have to pay. In most countries these are so high that it isn't very feasable at first glance, unless you are certain that it will pay itself off down the line. You can either solo-mine (higher reward, but you need to actually "finish the task" to get the reward, which you are competing with others), or join pools where you get a fixed percentage. This is a whole topic in itself which I can't do service in this little list, but I am fairly certain there are more than enough guides online to show you how you can mine your favorite crypto.

HEY! Want something similar to mining, but it helps out important research like finding a cure for alzheimer or cancer? Then maybe folding@home is something for you. Not only are you lending your computer power to help fold proteins in a global network, but you can actually even earn some crypto with this, namely "Banano". It doesn't pay as much as mining, but adds a good feeling of having helped a greater cause.

It is set up pretty simple, and you can either use your CPU and / or your GPU to fold. And seeing the rise of the banano price recently (it is now worth $0.04655) you might soon be able to actually buy a banana with a banano - what a world we live in!

I should maybe also mention that you can also mine with your phone, which is, considering the hardware, really improbable to see some profit out of this. In spite of this, and app called "Pi-Network" is letting users passively mine their Pi-Tokens by only going into the app once every 24 hours and clicking a button. The coin is worth nothing right now but they developers say they are working on getting it out there and this is now a proof of concept and should be built upon now. Some say it is great, others say it is a scam... I honestly can't tell, a basic scepticism looking at it doesn't hurt, but for shits and giggles I have been clicking that button once a day...who knows. I thought I should mention it, it's the "free phone miner" that needs no electricity, and maybe down the road you will actually get all the coins you mined, or you wasted 10 seconds every day. If this seems interesting to you and you want to test it for yourself, please consider telling them "Buderus69" invited you if you don't mind (you need to confirm an invitation at the beginning or else they won't let you start), we both would benefit and earn more every day by doing this, and I am always active.


TL;DR: There are many ways how you can crypto flowing into your wallet everyday by doing figuratively nothing. The sooner you start, the more passive gains you will get.

I hope this helps someone out there, if you liked what you read don't forget to leave a like, comment or a tip :)



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