What's In Your Wallet???

With the market being down it affords us a great opportunity to buy at discount prices. I mean just about every coin has seen a dramatic drop over that last month so that means  " Attention K-Mart shoppers there's a Blue Light Special currently going on in the cryptocurrency department" 😀.

I'm a charts and TA guy no matter if it's stocks, foreign exchange, or cryptocurrency. I don't like to just buy anything to be buying it. I like to study the charts and TA so I can plan a strategy that I can stick to. I will figure a entry point that is set in stone. Once a trade is triggered I will sit a stop loss and a take profit using my planned strategy. Unlike my entry point my stop loss and my take profit are flexible depending on the market. One of my favorite strategies to use is to set the take profit at my original investment for half of the coins/stocks. That means when the coin/stock doubles I get my original investment back plus I still have half of the coins/stocks for free. This way all I'm truly risking is profit. 

As always I am not suggesting that anyone buys or sells anything. I am not a professional or a financial advisor. I am a small investor who invests into cryptocurrency as a hobby. I do not or will not do any research or TA for you. I think it is extremely important for every investor to do their own research and TA.

Now with everything being on "Blue Light Special" I figured I would share what coins I'm increasing my position in. Anybody can say buy Bitcoin and Ethereum and they would more than likely be right. I just think that's the easy answer so when it comes to the "major" coins I like Litecoin and ADA. I think both of these coins have a tremendous upside and could potentially bring big profits even faster than BTC or ETH. I always like the Tron based coins TRX, BTT, and BTZC. Now when it comes to the 💩 coins SHIBA-INU and 100X are the 2 that I think have the biggest chance to break out to the next level. I also like GorillaDiamond and Saturna as 2 projects that I can see reaping big rewards before 2022.

I want to end by giving honor where honor is due. Thank you Abba Father for keeping your hand upon me and my life. Thank you Jesus for being my Lord and Savior and for dying on the cross so that I could have eternal life. Thank you Holy Spirit for giving me guidance, discipline, comfort, and for being so much more to me than just a tongue talker.

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The Christian Investor
The Christian Investor

I'm a Christian investor who set out on a quest to show others that they don't have to have money to make investments. Bitcoin isn't the best money we have ever had. FREE MONEY is the best money we have ever had.

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