Ancient Realms Early Access First Impressions

By Apoollo | btcxh | 19 Oct 2021

Ancient Realms Early Access First Impressions

What is Ancient Realms?

Ancient Realms is an upcoming idle RPG game on the WAX network. The whitelisted pack drop is on October 23rd 15:00 UTC. To get whitelisted you'll need to be top 200 in the referral contest (Only requires about 1 invite to get whitelisted right now.) There is also a public drop on October 23rd 17:00 UTC.

More info on the pack sale can be found on the discord.

How's the early access?

The game might change before it's release but right now you can only do one of these 3 things: battle, fish, and cook. Fishing is very straightforward, you simply click "Fish" and it will automatically fish for you. If you have a fishing rod it gives a minor speed boost, depending on the rarity. The common fishing rod gives 2% bonus, uncommon 4%, rare 7%, epic 10%, legendary 14%, and mythic (this type of tool is extremely rare) at 18%. The death system isn't too punishing but also encourages you to not die as you suffer a skill debuff unless you pay a coin fee.


The combat system is very simple and easy to use. You just select the landmark you'd like to battle at (certain landmarks have higher level monsters) and then you automatically begin to battle. You can also eat food to regain health (pretty typical) and the monsters you kill drop items.


Something I would love to have in the game is "Herblore" (the skill from Runescape) so you can create combat potions to give you buffs. There's lots of room to grow in terms of content and other skills and I look forward to what will come in the upcoming months.

Ancient Realms Discord


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