Looking For LINK Price To Rise

By doyouminecrypto | BTC/USDT Trading | 5 Oct 2020



ChainLink (LINK) is looking pretty decent for some upward momentum this week.




As long as the crypto market stays, as a whole, LINK just might lead the upward momentum.

I have several GANN lines drawn out with green horizontal lines marking potential resistance in it's momentum.

LINK traded around the recent 50% fib retracement enough to help make this a bullish case. (red horizontal line)

If it can hold this point @ $9.34 to $9.27, we should be able to see a move to the 2/1 Gann ≈ $10.67 and eventually to the 3/1 GANN fan off the ath ≈ $11.50.

If it can not hold these current levels we could see a drop to the 8/1 bottom of the Gann fan ≈ $8.30 before upward movement occurs. That would also complete a nice harmonic pattern.

Keep an eye on this one. My long entry is @ $9.46 and my short entry @ $9.03



Thanks for reading and Have fun trading!






This is not financial advice.

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BTC/USDT Trading
BTC/USDT Trading

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