BTC Saved The 2018 Global Market Crash
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BTC Saved The 2018 Global Market Crash

By doyouminecrypto | BTC/USD is a BUY | 21 Jan 2020

BTC saved the system from the scheduled 2018 crash of the global financial markets.


Did you ever realize the amount of USD that has "left" the USA during the 2017 run up of cryptocurrencies?



 They initiate "quantitative easing," to inject money into the economy, until there is too much money, then they exit quantitative easing (QE) retracting the money out of the economy. This is the general way of adjusting the economy according to will, and now, there is a new way to retract the money from USA economy.

 Thats how it's done. after QE they raise rates to retract the money. I call it "burning" because when it gets bad they start a war. This is how it has worked in the past. It is because QE injects money and they need to "burn" USD after saturation.

 So, after QE for the past 10 years there needs to be a big retracting of the money. In the past it was a big economical crash, or war, declaring national emergency, even launching 72 missiles at nothing can help. This can only work for so long before the money is too much to pull back, and I am willing to bet there was a “100 year outlook” predicting the time period when this retracting of money could no longer suffice. But this time around, the 100 year, "the last crash,” it didn't happen. Because there was a "new way" to burn USD; and the globalization process, all point to BTC and the crypto space. It was a great way to pull money out of the over saturated US economy.



 I based my idea on the past quantitative easing and following crash over the last 100 years. This economic cycle of up and crash is designed into the system. When they set up this system there was a know life span before something else would be needed. This was talked about for decades. The quantitative easing aspect injects USD into the system and when there is too much they reverse the QE and subsequent market crash.

 After decades of this the economic model would deteriorate until the standard QE and reversal would no longer suffice. This was understood when the fed reserve system was put in place and further when we were removed from a gold standard.  I call it the 100 year outlook because it has been 100 years 1917-2017 on the dot. It was the “last crash” and this was know decades before. They worked to invent BTC as the solution to the issue.

 Flood the US economy with dollars (QE) and then reverse the flow in order to "remove" dollars. This is the standard practice. When it doesn't work, every 10 years or so, there is a more drastic form of "removing" dollars... a crash, a war, national emergency, etc.


 Over time, this was not going to suffice. Hence they made cryptographic hash functions including BTC. This was what avoided the final crash and I say is the boundary from when we entered the actual process called, "Globalization.” BTC was a great way to "remove" dollars from the US economy in a very efficient manner. Better than any war or market crash.


 It’s been recognized, and can be argued, that there have been two major factors driving human civilization development over the millennia since it’s origin: manners of weaponry that are more efficient in killing and manners of moving value more efficiently from one place to another. With this idea, all other aspects of civilization development are considered as byproduct or ‘second to’ or “a means to” these two goals. From clubs, to bow and arrow to explosives and eventually the nuclear bombs. From bartering, to coinage, to paper, to electronic. The largest and most important inventions from the past have been tightly connected to these goals as offshoots or “civilian use” cases. The computer and cryptographic money transfer are two of these inventions.


In this case, the invention that has been worked on for decades called “cryptocurrency,” that can transfer value over unlimited distance in minutes, was intentionally invented for and utilized in the avoidance of the 2018 final market crash. And it worked, there was no crash. The system is in transformation. No body has even batted an eye (nobody noticed). For the first time in its modern system's history, the United States experienced no crash over any given decade. That's 10 years.

For the first time in history, the US economy has started and ended a decade without a recession 



Article released today on CryptoPotato news site:

Ex-CFTC Chair: Cryptocurrencies Could Have Mitigated The 2008 Global Financial Crisis


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