Is BNB more valuable than BTC?

By Andrewgee740 | BTCBNB | 16 Apr 2021

First, yes, I know BNB is as centralized as they come. I am also aware that "centralized" is a synonym for "not based". However, those of you still reading, not malding, there is a case to be made that the BNB coin and ecosystem is superior to BTC. What makes a crypto valuable, to me, is it's utility. In the case of BNB, all paths seemingly lead to one of its many properties. BNB, in the wider crypto landscape, is essential, to almost every other coin, even BTC. You must go through BNB one way or the other to invest in many coins, not just those within their ecosystem. Five or six of the top volume BTC-Fiat pairs are Binance pairs. Of course, there are other exchanges, launchpads and such but they too are centralized. They have the added features of less liquidity, worse security and severe mismanagement in many cases. At minimum they will never have a CZ at the helm. Seeing the Coinbase listing reinforced my, albeit presumptuous, grand hope for BNB. I haven't even mentioned the BSC side of the equation. This token is what I see when I hear the word "crypto". Younger folks are not BTC-first and foremost investors. They were not around for buying pizza with BTC. The word blockchain doesn't just equal Bitcoin anymore. Will expand on this throughout this series but overall: BNB is not just a few corner pieces of the crypto puzzle, it is not simply an idea or a desideratum. It's essential to maintaining a functional market, at this time. It is shaping up to dethrone BTC as the king of this here land. Good luck, i daresay! 

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