How I Saved Hundreds in Vegas Getting Casino Players Cards without Gambling

The are few places in the world where money flies faster than Vegas (excluding crypto exchanges...). Casinos offer world-class entertainment, but the expenses can add up quickly. To alleviate this, Casinos offer Players Cards to frequent gamblers and comp many of their expenses, from discounts and cash back to free meals and free nights. They usually require so much gambling, though, as to barely compensate for your losses if you try to obtain them the orthodox way (although sometimes they pay off big...). 

Players Clubs

Two of the biggest casino loyalty programs, or Players Clubs, are Caesars Rewards and M Life Rewards. Caesars has dozens of casinos internationally, including its iconic location in Las Vegas (the pool is as cool as it looks). M Life is the loyalty program of MGM Grand Resorts. Each has several tiers of loyalty, based mainly on gambling, with benefits rising with the tier. Caesars is unusual in that all hotel spending counts towards both tier credits and rewards points (like cash back). 

Tier Matching

Casinos often tier match their competitors' loyalty programs, so someone with status at one casino can often obtain a similar status at another casino. They do this to draw business in from the other casino, as one is incentivized to gamble where they have the highest status and thus receive the most comps; importantly, both Caesars and M Life tier match each other. Instead of gambling across multiple programs, then, the best method is to focus all gambling in one and then tier match to the others later. 

Better than that, though, is getting a high status players card without gambling.

How I Saved Hundreds in Vegas and Beyond by Tier Matching Players Cards / Loyalty Programs

I struggled to get Platinum status in Caesars Rewards last year, taking advantage of being able to earn tier points through regular hotel spending and reduced requirements due to the pandemic. That got me reduced rates and a couple free nights, but I still had to pay resort fees (which often cost more than the room itself), even on "free" nights. The next tier, Diamond, would have gotten me out of resort fees.... and who wants to pay resort fees? I certainly don't. 

So one of the best ways to build up points and status in a loyalty program is through its affiliated credit card. World of Hyatt is probably my favorite loyalty program and has my favorite travel credit card (I'll go into the benefits of those and best ways to use them in a different article). Long story short, there are several status levels in the World of Hyatt program. Due to less people traveling due to the pandemic, they have cut the requirements for achieving the highest status ("Globalist") in half this year (who said there were no benefits to the pandemic?).

That has many benefits (more on that later), but one of which is that M Life will match your status (they'll give Gold Status for either Explorist or Globalist in World of Hyatt). You can then have Caesars tier match that to Diamond (and the majority of casinos in Vegas are either M Life or Caesars). 

So I achieved Globalist status with the Hyatt early this year, mostly through credit card spending (having the credit card gives you a big head start and you increase in status with spending). I then used my credit card to tier match to Gold at M Life and used that to tier match to Diamond at Caesars--thus achieving more through credit card spending in a different loyalty program than what I did gambling several times the previous year in the casino--saving me hundreds of dollars in resort fees (and effectively subsidizing my drinking in the pool at Caesars). 

I came, I saw, and I conquered -- simply by using points and loyalty programs effectively.


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