Video Gaming worht $197 Billion and IoT Internet of Internet $497 Billion. Nodle Cash NODL & Helium HNT are IoT both projects

Alex Becker is WRONG! IoT is BIGGER than Crypto Gaming!! I found Nodle Cash, the next Helium $HNT!

Crypto Gaming will be the biggest thing in crypto right? WRONG!!

Don't take all the things big influencers like Alex Becker say for granted, always do your own due dilligence #DYOR!

There are industries like the IoT (Internet of Things), which are substantial bigger than the video gaming industry and it is still early....

Check out my coverage on Nodle Cash $NODL - it has familiarities with a project you might know Helium $HNT. Nodle's mission is to build the largest wireless network on earth to connect the next trillion things....The possibilities with their technology are unimaginable!

Let me know what you think, how big is the potential of IoT in crypto?

Team Altcoin Edge

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