Iron Titanium Titan free fall

Is TITAN here to stay?

By gua_s | brngflwr | 2 Jul 2021

It feels like it was yesterday since Mark Cuban tweeted he got hit in the bank run that Iron.Finance experienced in mid-June 2021, the mob trigger IRONs tokenomics in a way that can only be described as "Money printer went BRRR" sending the so what thought of solid token TITAN, 6 zeros bellow $1, maxing the total supply at 35 Trillion tokens before the token was "officially" announced death by the dev team at Iron.Finance.

iron titanium titan death

After the rock bottom and with all liquidity pools emptied the token was left in oblivion by the mainstream, yet something very interesting happened among bagholders, in a true etherean way, the community demanded "Self-Governance" by holdings, the TitanDao was established.


The organization recognizes that 37.9% of the total supply of TITAN is in the top 10 HODLs, with a total of 40k wallets holding the token. TitanDao has taken reassurance from the developers, that the token cannot be minted anymore and that the contract ownership is no longer in their hands.

This leaves all the minted TITAN tokens truly in the wild, at the faith of the markets.

Iron Titanium TITAN alive

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