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Introducing PirateCoin Cryptocurrency

By brightinvestor | BrightInvestor | 26 Dec 2021


PirateCoin Alt


PirateCoin delivers the entire pirate experience, from sailing and battling to exploring and stealing. All you need to live the pirate life and be a legend in your own way. With no fixed roles, you have total flexibility to approach the environment, and other players, however you wish.

Become a fearsome Pirate Raider and lead your tribe away from PirateCoin Island's rough shores to a new home. Explore a gorgeous, mysterious open world filled with brutal opponents, raid fortifications, establish your clan's new settlement, and create alliances in order to gain renown and a place on Skull Island.

A lush and untamed land lurks beneath the chaos, waiting for a new conqueror. Is it going to be you?


Read More At The Link Below:


Best 3D GameFi & NFT

Exchanges where this currency is listed: Hotbit, Coinbase, P2Pb2b

On Bsc, On Ethereum

Metaverse Technologgy

NFT Store

More Than 100,000 Holders

The best way to buy: Through TrustWallet and Pancake Exchange



Video of the introduction of this token on YouTube


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