Binance Trains 350,000 Africans Crypto

By bkocsis10 | Brens Interesting Things | 12 Oct 2021

As a crypto enthusiast, I am always thrilled to see new people learning and adopting blockchain technology.  The continent of Africa has one of the smallest crypto economies in the world, however it is the fastest growing.  This is thanks in part to Binance who has created a free crypto education program for Africans that covers all aspects, from what the block chain is, to security and user protection, and even how to have a career in the block chain industry.  So far the company has helped to educate over 350,000 Africans!  In January 2020 Binance produced a series of webinars aimed at helping beginners to crypto protect and secure their assets and how to identify scams.  The company has also worked to help and educate those interested in blockchain development.  In the first quarter of 2021 Binance allocated over a million dollars to a fund for African developers and provided free training to 1000 developers in the region as well. Binance’s mission is to increase the freedom of money for users, drive blockchain adoption and enable greater accessibility through its dedication to crypto education globally, and this venture into educating the continent of Africa certainly supports that.  I personally think this is an excellent initiative by Binance and I hope they continue this in Africa and other parts of the world.

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