How to start mining Ethereum

How to start mining Ethereum

By BreakReality | BreakReality | 18 Feb 2021

So you want to get into Ethereum mining! Mining helps secure the Ethereum blockchain while rewarding you in the process. Before following this tutorial keep in mind this requires some know how with computers. I'm going to base this tutorial off of 2 assumptions. 

1. You already have a computer and/or mining rig assembled.

2. You have an Ethereum wallet and your computer and/or mining rig is running windows 10.

If these 2 assumptions are true then we are ready to begin! Let's get started...


Step 1. First things first. You are going to want to install mining software.  I personally recommend GMINER as it works with both Nvidia and AMD Gpu's.

Download GMINER from the link provided.

Now you should have a zip file that looks like this:  gminer 2.44

Now create a folder where you want to extract it. I named my folder GMINER. Right click the zip file and click "Extract Here" once you place it inside of the folder you create. (You might have to allow GMINER through windows defender or whichever antivirus software you have installed)


Now your folder should look similar to this: 

Gminer installed


Now that GMINER is installed we can configure it to mine!

Right click on "mine_eth" and select "edit"

You should see something similar to this but with a different address and server:

Mining Config

Where it is underlined in blue replace this with whichever pool server you wish to use. In this one I am using 2miners ETH pool 

Where it is underlined in red replace this with your Ethereum wallet address. The ".MiningRig" at the end is what I decided to name mine. You can leave this empty or choose your own name!

Now if you save the file and then run it your computer will begin mining! 

Mining Software

You can check your Mining Statistics by navigating to ETH 2miners pool and pasting your Ethereum address in the "Miner Address" tab and click Enter.

Once you start getting shares you should see something similar to this! 

My Stats

If your reported hashrate is lower on the pool than your computer says don't worry! As you start getting more shares that get verified on the network your hashrate will gradually increase! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful! :)

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My name is Hayden Campbell and I am currently 17 years old. I have a passion for computers and software and love to learn about new technologies especially cryptocurrency based technology. I am very fascinated by how this technology works and is used!


Hello! My name is Hayden and I am 17 and interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I post tutorials about cryptocurrency as well as other things involving it. I hope you enjoy!

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