How To Make & Redeem Ravencoin Paper Wallets

By BreakReality | BreakReality | 15 Mar 2021

With Ethereum mining eventually being replaced by Proof-Of-Stake miners need a new coin to move over to. Ravencoin is the next profitable option and having a place to store your coins is important. Paper wallets can be a good option because they are offline storage and can be safely locked away and even password encrypted. I made a tutorial on YouTube showing how to create and redeem these paper wallets for storing your Ravencoins until you are ready to spend them! Hope you enjoy!



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My name is Hayden Campbell and I am currently 17 years old. I have a passion for computers and software and love to learn about new technologies especially cryptocurrency based technology. I am very fascinated by how this technology works and is used!


Hello! My name is Hayden and I am 17 and interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I post tutorials about cryptocurrency as well as other things involving it. I hope you enjoy!

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