How to setup RaveOS

How to install and configure RaveOS for mining rigs.

By BreakReality | BreakReality | 21 Feb 2021

RaveOS is a mining operating system that is very user friendly and extremely helpful for miners. It allows you to remotely control all of your mining rigs from a computer and/or phone anywhere in the world. You can easily apply overclocks, set voltages and even reboot your mining rig with ease.

RaveOS is free to use with the 2miners mining pool

You can use an unlimited number of mining rigs if you are using 2miners

This OS is also extremely efficient when it comes to power draw. My personal mining rig was using about 463 watts when I was using windows 10 and with RaveOS it is using 429 watts with the same overclock settings.



RaveOS offers miners an easy to use and convenient way to view and manage mining rigs. You can also access console and view logs of your rig!

Enough talk about what it is though, it's time to install it! :D

Here is a video I made showing a step by step guide on how to setup and install this operating system!



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I hope you find this helpful!

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My name is Hayden Campbell and I am currently 17 years old. I have a passion for computers and software and love to learn about new technologies especially cryptocurrency based technology. I am very fascinated by how this technology works and is used!


Hello! My name is Hayden and I am 17 and interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I post tutorials about cryptocurrency as well as other things involving it. I hope you enjoy!

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