Wallet Street comes to FLETA Blockchain

Wallet Street comes to FLETA Blockchain

South Korea's Fleta platform is bringing a fun new social application based on Blockchain technology for decentralized finance lovers called Wallet Street, which simulates the construction of buildings based on the assets held by users in the most important cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.


Wallet Street simulates a social network where users can communicate with verified currency holders, while allowing them to manage their digital assets on different exchanges.

The application allows the simulation of the creation of 'buildings' by integrating the API of the participating exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Bithumb, Upbit among others, which have a size proportional to the amount of assets that users have in the wallets of the integrated exchange.


When the buildings are created, users will receive a Certified Copy of the Registry, which accredits them as the owner of the construction created, and they can market them using Blockchain Fleta technology, obtaining benefits from this.

In addition, they will be able to interact with other owners of other buildings as well as create communities or join an existing one, according to the currencies they hold in common or wish to maintain.

So far, the social platform has been launched for the global community, thus expanding the ability to interact with cryptos loving users and investors from anywhere in the world, to share strategies, knowledge and capacity to trade with tokens and currencies in the main exchanges.


The application allows to locate investors of more than 400 currencies, including some fiat currencies available in the integrated exchanges such as USD, KRW, GBP, etc. In addition, Wallet Street allows to locate the best located within a radius of 1 kilometer that have digital assets in the integrated exchanges by the users.

Because Wallet Street allows efficient management of user assets in the different integrated cryptocurrencies exchanges, the platform is able to classify them in a ranking system by currency, by user or by group to which they have been added.



Thus, a user can lead the platform based on the combination of total assets held in USD or check group leaders and members by assets held.

One of Wallet Street's greatest strengths is the ability to manage all the assets in different cryptocurrency exchanges and because of this, by checking the assets that others hold on the application, they can expand their investment portfolio when they learn about a particular project or currency that they did not know about.

In addition, Wallet Street, honoring its similarity to the global financial center, would allow a common user to be interested in investing in cryptos in a fun way while being rewarded for participating in events with points that allow him to create more buildings or promote his own content.

For now FLETA is launching a reward campaign for users who register and manage to randomly locate the 'lucky boxes' with a value of up to USD 200 in Bitcoin (BTC) as well as a referral system that would allow rewarding the person who made the reference to the winner of the 'lucky box' with a value of up to USD 100 in BTC.






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